"Three Moments"

Stan Strickland • Ra Kalam Bob Moses • Josh Rosen

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"Seasons" available at CD Baby


I love the delicacy, whimsy and synergy in the duo. There are moments when both of you show the mastery of a lifetime spent playing and aspiring and loving the music. Thanks for a wonderful engaging uplifting expression.” - Dr. Stanley Sagov

The Music of Paul Motian and Spontaneous Compositions

by Josh Rosen and John Voigt

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Uncle Paul's Jazz Closet with Josh Rosen & John Voigt


Chamber jazz composed by Josh Rosen

Eugene Friesen, cello, Stan Strickland, woodwinds, Bruno Raberg, bass, Mark Walker, drums

Sparks was honored to be in the nomination list for Best Jazz Instrumental Album in the 60th Grammy Awards




Josh Rosen and Ralph Rosen -“Brothers”

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       “filled with sweetness and love...Quite an array of colors and feelings throughout and masterfully played. Bravissimos!!”

- Jon Damian, master guitarist and legendary educator





Stan Strickland, woodwinds, vocals, percussion

Josh Rosen, piano, compositions

"The title of this jazz-duet album nails what’s great about it: Keyboardist/percussionist Rosen and reedman/vocalist Strickland - both local jazz lumininaries - communicate on an instinctive level. Finishing each other’s thoughts and phrases as these tunes wend their way from churchy, soul-jazz to more abstract precincts. Rosen and Strickland are more than just in sync - they often sound like a single musician playing two instruments." -Kevin R. Convey, Boston Herald

"With the soul of an improv jam session, these two are one of the tastiest, new treats to come along in a while. Fine stuff that adults will love hearing when they are in an off-the-clock mode. Check it out." Chris Spector, Midwest Record


Phil Grenadier, trumpet, Josh Rosen, piano, Lello Molinari, bass, Marcello Pellitteri, drums

American Waltz