Three Moments

by Josh Rosen, Stan Strickland & Ra Kalam Bob Moses

Released 2019
Ziggle Zaggle Music
Released 2019
Ziggle Zaggle Music
Other worldly sounds by improvisational masters, thoughtfully emotive originals, and a deep reimagining of the classic anthem, "We Shall Overcome."
"Being in the moment is powerful. Fully alive, everything risked, authentic. No boundaries, no beginning or end. Timeless, without circumference.

Like a pebble in water, the moment ripples out… if no resistance, endlessly. When we play without resistance from our egos or fears, the music extends itself organically, with ease. There is a beauty of freedom and connectivity.

“Three Moments” is music of one moment times three. Each of us in the present moment, happening at one time. Coming from three of us, it’s three moments in one moment." - Stan Strickland

Info on the Music:
“Motian” and “Twelve-ish” by Josh Rosen.
“We Shall Overcome” by Horton, Carawan, Hamilton, Seeger.
All others spontaneously composed by Stan Strickland, Rakalam Bob Moses, and Josh Rosen.

Josh Rosen, piano
Stan Strickland, saxes, flutes, bass clarinet, voice, percussion
Rakalam Bob Moses, drums, percussion